I took part on ‘The Sellable Sketch’ course

I have just finished a 5 weeks course called The Sellable Sketch run by Michelle Fifis from the Pattern Observer blog. Its goal is to teach you how to develop an “irresistible surface design collection” and have a full collection by the end of the course!

These are some of the points the course teaches you:

  • What elements lead to a successful print collection
  • The importance of staying true to one’s natural style
  • How to pick appropriate trends and inspiration sources for one’s target market
  • How to develop a print from sketch to digital file
  • Tips and tricks to developing a print colour palette
  • How to use print scale to increase sales

The best part is that you get to have live chats with Michelle where she gives you feedback and answers all the questions you might have. I really enjoyed it and completely recommend it!